Can “ex” lovers be best friends? Why or why not…

Can “ex” lovers be best friends? Why or why not…

So you and your significant other breaks up but you want to remain friends. Is this possible? I ask the people what do they think….

Yes and No by Ms Independent! 

I will have to say yes and no. My ex is (one) of my best friends. However it does depend on the individuals. It can cause problems in current relationships on either side. Being that were ex’s we tend to go back to “remember when”. It’s a very thin line. In my opinion it’s hard to be best friends with your ex if your ex is in a relationship or married. The spouses/significant others  will never accept or can understand the bond. You will have to keep that friendship a secret.

 No! why even bother by I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I personally think it doesn’t matter if you split on good or bad terms you should move on and go your separate ways. I think “trying” to be best friends can cause confusion especially if you’re dating someone new.

 Absolutely NOT by the Man with all the keys to the City!

1. Cause if they were any good in bed…you always going to want to see if they can still hang.

2. You will be so uncomfortable when it’s time to introduce him to you new guy, fiancé, husband.

3. Your new guy, fiancé, husband may suspect something…and the assumption will lead to an un trustful relationship…

4. Always remember to look towards the finish line, not the start line

 Yes by Bad Newz!

Yes ex-lovers can be friends, possibly best friends. It’s based on forgiveness, when we learn to forgive a burden is lifted off our shoulders, we become stress free, we can think clearly and we no longer have a revengeful heart. GOD forgives us of our sins each and every day, therefore, we must forgive and let the issues of the past go. Once you have forgiven your Ex, then you can move forward with no remorse, no hatred, letting you communicate with him/her without any heartaches, because you have moved on and no longer hold any grudges… If you hold grudges, then you haven’t come to terms with the given situation and need to ask GOD to show you how to FORGIVE, LOVE and Like Keyshia Cole says, “Let It Go”….

It depends by Supa Dupa Sexy!

It depends on whether or not you have kids. If you have kids you should be able to get along. But if they are no kids involved then no.

Yes by Anonymous!

Providing the break up wasn’t on bad terms…I think it’s possible for “ex” lovers to be friends. I been there before it wasn’t easy in the beginning because you still have feelings but it turned out to be better than the relationship. Everyone comes into your life for a reason but everyone is not meant to stay or be together.

One Comment on “Can “ex” lovers be best friends? Why or why not…

  1. I used to think that a breakup was an ending to a relationship but depending on the severity of the breakup a long distance friendship was salvageable. Meaning: in passing at say a flea market, Walmart, or even your vehicles on the highway it was possible to smile, ask how the other was doing &/ or wave. However, recently (4years ago) I had a child with a lover that I was first friends with for at least a year & the friendship blossomed into a whirlwind romance that carried us both away & made us 2 very passionate & irresponsible adults that made a human being together. We stayed in a long distance relationship for 7 months of my pregnancy arguing, disagreeing, & putting each other down. Accusing each other of the worst. It was awful. We never really broke up it just tapered off & we both focused on the coming birth of the baby & then when he was born there were questions of “is it mine?” & that angered me & caused me to be hateful & hurtful. But in the years passing & looking into my sons eyes & seeing his daddy in him daily & knowing I had love for him & I wanted him to know that love we made a pact to respect one another, to never put the other parent down, to do as much as we could to make our child’s life better. Today I care about him just as much as I did when we were dating if not more! We text daily ( mainly photos of our child) we meet up every few months for a weekend “family style” getaway. He has a long term live in girl friend & I’m married. If it weren’t for the trust of my spouse & his significant other out friendship might not be possible. I’m very thankful to have him in mine & my child’s life! We may not be together but our souls are meant to be friends ;) we make a great parenting duo because of our constant love for our child & respect for one another. In closing. Yes! Ex lovers can remain friends no matter how bad things were when you were together.

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